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The Circular Terraced Garden

The circular terraced garden began as a diagonally sloping lawn. This ambitious project was completed over the winter of 2022-2023. The garden was transformed into a series of circular terraced social spaces surrounded by dense planting. Small trees, evergreen shrubs and long lasting perennials have been added to provide height to help define the spaces. 

Other features include a three tiered cascade into a wildlife pond, a greenhouse, a curving seating area, a woodland path, a secret children's undergrowth path and a composting area.


The garden is still maturing but already there are frogs and newts living in the pond and birds such as bull finches using it to bath in. The number of insects present has increased dramatically. Over time, the garden will provide new habitat for all sorts of wildlife. 

The large composting area will mean the garden is self sufficient. By dividing plants and collecting seed from already present plants, the borders will become more established without having to revisit garden centres.


A feature cherry tree has been planted along with a number of crab apples. As these grow, they will provide height making the social spaces feel more secluded and independent of the other areas of the garden.

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