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My name is Jake

I'm a dedicated and creative landscape gardener with a passion for enhancing outdoor spaces to both bring you joy and provide lots of habitats for wildlife, even in the middle of the city.

Many of Bristol's urban gardens are small and cramped but with a bespoke and creative project, you can bring wildlife and nature into any outdoor space.

I know that small changes to your garden can have a huge positive impact on both you and the other animals that you share it with. 

With all garden projects, I make environmentally conscious decisions to the best of my ability by using natural materials, planting wildlife friendly species and recycling waste material wherever possible.

I am fully insured and RHS qualified so can advise you on the best plants to bring your garden to life.


How can I help?



All garden projects start with an idea. I can help you to turn that idea into reality. My designs are hand drawn and include birds eye view and perspective drawings.

The garden design is essential in making sure that you are happy with the look of the project before any building has started. My aim is to create a garden for both you and wildlife to enjoy.



Once a design is set, the build can begin. Working alone or as part of a small team, I will always be on hand to talk through any questions that you may have about the project. Having work carried out on your home can be a stressful experience, so I always aim to be as tidy, respectful and as communicative as possible.

Environment is always at the front of my mind when it comes to undertaking landscaping work. This will be reflected in my material choices and construction methods.

Plant and Maintain


Once the hard landscaping is done, its time to bring your garden to life. Planting is probably the most important part of the whole project because over time, it will become the dominant structure in your garden. It will add height, movement and colour and will quickly attract all sort of wildlife.

I can come up with a planting scheme for year round interest and help to maintain it in the future.

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