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The Shade Garden

Carol's garden is north facing and so receives very little direct sunlight. The old garden lacked structure and, due to the lack of light, felt dark and uninviting. The aim of the project was to make an easy to maintain social space that was bright and lush with shade loving plants. Landscaping materials were chosen carefully with the environmental impact considered at every step. Key plants used included Tree Ferns, low growing fern species, Bergenia, Dicentra, Oak Leaved Hydrangea, Day Lilies, Crocosmia and Star Jasmines. 


Here is how the Shade Garden was created in an environmentally conscious and wildlife friendly way:

   - Natural walling and paving stone as well as lime mortar were used instead of concrete based products. This has a far smaller impact on the environment in the production process. 

   - Both the in-built corner seat and garden store are made from reclaimed wood from local reclamation yards. As well as not contributing to timber consumption, the use of reclaimed wood reduces the amount that may find its way into landfill.

   - A green roof was installed on the garden store. This helps attract wildlife in, reduces run off (lowering the flood risk) and creates more surface area for plants. The store also has an internal water butt.

   -The pond is a must have if you want to help wildlife. Ponds help to encourage amphibians, aquatic insects and birds into the garden.

   - Unseen construction materials like adhesives and wood oils were only used if they were environmentally friendly and wildlife safe. 

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