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Front Garden Makeover

The aim of this project was to create a multifunctional space out of a small front garden. The main features of the new garden include larger planting beds, a hidden bin storage space, a mini seating spot and two sandstone paths. The garden also has wooden wall planters and even a wildlife friendly minature pond.


The use of a diagonal path allows for deeper, easy to access planting beds, which gives the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. The path leads you to a seating spot, the pond and the bin storage area, meaning the whole space will frequently be used.

It has been made more wildlife friendly with planting space maximised. Long flowering pollinator friendly wildflowers like Silene have been planted along with Salvias, Honeysuckle and Ceanothus. Long reclaimed wood planters sit on the walls and are filled with white Lavenders. The tiny pond is easily accessible for insects and birds. It is fitted with a small solar pump and oxygenating plants to keep the environment healthy.

And yes, birds have already visited the front garden!

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