Hi there, my name is Jake and I want to tell you what my work is all about.
My work is focused on undertaking practical garden and home projects in the Bristol area. Where possible, I like to be creative, use natural materials and be environmentally conscious.
You could be looking for some regular garden maintenance or a one off spruce up. Maybe you have a project in mind. New raised beds for home grown vegetables or a green roof for your shed. A bespoke planted recycle station could be on your wish list or even a wildlife pond.
Small changes to your garden can have a huge positive impact on both you and the other animals that you share it with. 
With my garden projects, I try to make environmentally conscious decisions where possible. From using natural materials, to planting wildlife friendly species and even to recycling any waste material responsibly.
Many of Bristol's urban gardens can be small and cramped but with a bespoke and creative project, you can bring nature into any outdoor space.
There is always something to fix or improve on around the house. Extra spaces to store things or some wooden shelving for all your favourite books. Unsightly problems that you keep meaning to sort out like damaged walls or a broken floor tile.A peeling radiator or tired looking floor boards may need some attention. 
I will always be trustworthy and hard working offering an honest price. The most important thing for me is that I leave a job with a happy customer.
And here I am, in case you needed to put a face to a  name.

Also, I just thought I would let you know that I am now donating 1% of my annual income to UK based wildlife and conservation charities. This means that your custom really is making a difference.